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A woman on a mission to change

lives through nutrition & fitness

Your Health Matters is dedicated to bettering the health of individuals around the world through education on balanced life choices.

My fitness journey started in college when I was diagnosed with hypertension. Doctors told me it ran in the family and I’d just need to be on medicine to keep it under control, but after seeing the toll that took on my grandmother, I did not want to be in that same position. I wanted this family trait to end with me! I started working extremely hard in the gym, but my nutrition was still pretty crappy. When nothing was changing, I realized I needed to go all in on both in order to see real change. I was ultimately able to eliminate my hypertension, with the help of another doctor, and have been medicine free for over 5 years. This journey motivated me to become certified in Nutrition and form Your Health Matters, with a mission to inspire others to take control of their health and develop habits that will improve their quality of life and provide balance.

I truly believe that wellness is a lifelong journey and one that should be ingrained as a part of everyday life. It’s not about hitting a particular weight goal or a “look”, but working towards longevity and sustaining a great quality of life at every age.

I’m a proud member of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc. and graduate of James Madison University (B.B.A.) and Virginia Commonwealth University (Master of Accountancy). Outside of fitness, I have worked in the Finance & Accounting field for over a decade and am an active CPA. I LOVE to travel and hope to blend both passions and share my love of fitness all over the world.

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